Friday, 4 June 2021

Understanding a Regulator Flow Characteristic Curve

 One normal misinterpretation about flow trademark bends is that they show how much air will flow through a regulator at a given stockpile and yield pressure. This isn't the situation. Flow-through a regulator will rely upon the actual unit, just as a few qualities of the framework it is introduced in. 

Flow trademark bends rather portray a wonder called "hang" in regulators. Hang is a regulator's characteristic inclination to permit a drop in yield pressure as flow through a unit increments. The measure of hang in a regulator will rely generally upon the plan of the regulator. High-performing, accuracy regulators, for example, Type 100 normally have almost no hang as flow increments. 

Noticing the flow trademark bend beneath, we see Output Pressure named as our Y-Axis and Flow as our X-Axis. For this model, we will zero in on the top bend in the diagram that begins at 120 PSI.

At the furthest left place of this bend,high flow air pressure regulator and 0 SCFM, we can consider this unit in a deadheaded condition. All in all, there is no flow through the regulator. As we follow the line to one side, the measure of flow through the regulator is expanding. In this specific unit, our Type 90, yield pressure keeps on remaining truly stable until around 10 SCFM of air is flowing through the unit. As the flow request increments past 10 scfm, the regulator can presently don't keep up its yield pressure setpoint, and the yield pressure will diminish. This yield pressure decline is the hang of this unit.

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